About Us

Are you looking for a way to finally cut the costs of paper in your business or organization using a simple and user-friendly method? OnAuth (which is simply short for "Online Authorization"), provides a way for you to do just that and more! OnAuth was founded by someone that is both an engineer and a merchant consultant that has had to send out many forms and contracts to clients, so we get it! Our goal is to setup, host, and support an easy to use solution to traditional high paper use practices, all while keeping it cost effective. So you can get that "online authorization" without having to inconvenience your staff or client base.

Our Experience

Our founder Joe Thompson discovered the need for OnAuth after spending years in the payment processing industry and manually completing/sending contracts to clients. Although there are plenty of other solutions out there that enables electronic documents to be created, there weren't many solutions that made it easy for businesses to get started sharing electronic documents quickly, without having to navigate through that same difficult paperwork. So, we launched OnAuth!

OnAuth encourages users to collaborate with us on how they want their wizard to be created. Although (in order to keep down on costs) we do have a standard template, we also are willing to add custom fields to your form wizard (Ex: if you're a medical office and want to enable people to add a list of conditions). Also, when your wizard is hosted with us you don't have to worry about designating any additional people to monitor your dedicated OnAuth wizards, we do that for you. Contact us and allow us to help your business take a step towards becoming paperless!

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